Our breedingplans

Our Liz (Arrowsflight Catch My Eye) gave birth to her puppies with father Lars (Golden Tunes Courage). Our dogs can also be found on the website. Both dogs are: HD A, ED free, eyes VV, DNA tested. They meet the breeding requirements of Golden Retriever Club Nederland. See the page for the test pedigree No puppies are available from the litter above. They have all found a warm basket. The puppies are carefully selected and we also guide you after receiving your pup through a course (certified instructor). Unfortunately this course is only for puppies bred by us. Maybe not now, but in the future ... please call for info. We breed exclusively with dogs that meet the requirements of the GRCN, and all our puppies do have a pedigree of the Raad van Beheer in the Kynological field and are therefore registered in the Dutch Dog Stud Book. Are you interested or would you also like to make an appointment for the waiting list, contact us by phone 046-4851242 or mobile 06-34329099 (on working days after 3.30 pm). For photos see Facebook "Arrowsflight Goldens"
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