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Who are we;

We are Hay and Ellen, and we have a very serious hobby. We like to breed Golden retrievers, mostly pets and familydogs. Our dogs live in and around our house, they are part of our family. Our family is Hay and Ellen and our two daugthers Anke and Veerle. Our dogs have a beautiful life, they do a bit of training sometimes work in the field, our fieldtraining but mostly showtraining. Our goal is to breed healthy golden retrievers; healthy in body and mind with the typical golden caracter. From time to time we hope to breed a litter. For information about our plans see litter info.

How it all started…

In 1989 we bought our first dogs from the newspaper. But this was a dog without pedigree our “Sjors”. So our next dogs had to be one with pedigree, 1991 he was born at “the Hellacious Acres” our Sable Crown, we called him “Joris”. They are both over the rainbowbridge and still have a special place in our hearts. We also became a member of the Dutch Golden retriever club in 1991 (and still are). After the two boys, we finally got a girl to breed with, that was our Moondust Amazing Kate. She still is the grand-grand mother of many of our dogs. She was the first generation and our young ones are the fifth and the sixth generation behind her. Some of our dogs like to work in the field and they love the training. Others are just petdogs for us and they enjoy life to the fullest. When you read the dogs pedigrees than you will see how they were bred. In 1996 we got our name; “Arrowsflight”. Our Kate (Moondust Amazing Kate) got her first litter in 1998 out of Sansue Hi'land Her second litter was with Garbank Lislone Jackpot in december 1999 and Arrowsflight Bubbleloosa stayed with us. The third litter in 2001 was with Ritzilyn Callaghan en Arrowsflight Cathrina (Cathy) stayed with us. The fourth and last litter from Kate was with Friendship Cassowary and Dazzling Daydream 'Dazzle' stayed. Than our Lola got her first litter from Junior (Almost perfect of Duke's place). Cathy got her first litter in 2004 and she became the mother of 10 bitches, some are still alive. With us stayed Arrowsflight Flying Flower and in october 2017 she will become 13. Marleen and Charel Borgmans, trusted us with our special boy Edition Of Bridge Four We called him Banor. In 2006; Banor started his showcareer. In december 2007 we had to say goodbye to our beloved Moondust Amazing Kate. In the same month we’ve got a litter from Arrowsflight Flying Flower and Barnum of the Hellacious Acres and we were just at the”K”…so Kate (Arrowsflight Kate)stayed with us. In 2009 we went to Devon to fetch our Gammon: Goldiemay Devon Choice (Gatchells Lone Ranger at Seruilia x Goldiemay Chanti Lace) from Dave en Sharon Brown. In november our Fleur and Dazzle got a litter almost at the same time. From Fleur we kept our Never. Banor finally got his Dutch Champion titel. 2010 was a very quiet year, no litters but a lot of training with Kate and Fleur. Gammon en Kate did get some CAC's at several shows. Banor ended the year by becoming reserve at the Golden Gala. We are very proud of that. 2011 Fleur got a litter from Gammon, and Paige stayed with us. Banor also visited England twice that year. Crufts was a lovely experiance and in July the clubshow with his friend Gammon. They both did well and got placed 4th. In 2012 we got our Lewie; Lancelot of Bridge Four. He was the promise for the future. 2013 became a year of lots of shows and training for fieldwork. 2014 Our disaster year; Lewie got killed in a car. He went to France to get his fieldcertificat, but he died in the car by overheating. This dog will always have a special place in our hearts. His only son(Lance; Next Chapter of Bridge Four), that was born the week before Lewie died still lives at our place and Lance has a special place in our house and family too. in 2014 Lars (Golden Tunes Courage) came to live at our place. In 2015 Paige and Queen both had a litter at the same time. It is still hard when we look at the dogs and not think of Lewie. 2016 Paige got her second litter(out of Golden Tunes Courage) in the spring and Whisper stayed with us. in the fall Queen had her second litter from Delight(Meiepere Quite a Delight) and Ziggy stayed with us. In 2017 Lilly got her first litter from Golden Tunes Courage, lucky that she had two puppies, after staying empty last year.
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